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We're excited to offer the NARA Botanical Homeware range of planters at wholesale rates, specifically tailored for businesses interested in enhancing their collections and also individuals needing larger quantities of pots, whether for events, as favours or gifts, or corporate purposes. These high-quality porcelain planters embody a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for adding elegance to any setting. Available with minimum order quantities, our wholesale offerings are designed to meet the needs of your business or next event. Enquire below to learn more about our rates and how you can incorporate the NARA collection into your offerings.


Tiny (5 Pack) Translucent Square Grow Pots

Explore our translucent square grow pots, tailored for wholesale with a minimum order quantity of 100. Perfectly suited for large-scale needs, whether for enhancing extensive plant collections or stocking up your retail space. These pots, designed for maximum space efficiency and root health, feature superior drainage and transparent material for easy moisture monitoring. Ideal for any gardening approach, including passive hydroponics. Elevate your offerings or projects with these versatile pots, available without the requirement to purchase all sizes.

Wholesale Enquiry

Want to enquire about purchasing pots at a wholesale rate? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. Include the products you are interested in along with quantites.

Wholesale Plant Pots