Sproutwell® high quality polycarbonate panels come with a 10yr Limited Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Investing in quality polycarbonate greenhouse panels is important because our harsh sun will discolour poor quality panels, and they’ll be yellow within 18mths-2yrs! They will also breakdown over time, become brittle, and crack. 

Sproutwell® is the ONLY Australian Company to offer Micron2 advanced specification. Micron2 technology is where the outside layer (side that faces the sun) of polycarbonate goes through a Solar grade co-extruded process using a double layer equaling 50 micron UV protectant. In comparison, most other brands only come with a  20 micron UV protectant layer (and some even have NO protection at all). 

MICRON2 Specifica0ons

Genuine wri@en 10yr Warranty
Will outperform and last up to 40% longer than standard applications
Protects the panel from discolouring due to the double layer (50 Micron Protection)
Due to the Double Protectant Layer on the outside surface it will stand up to hail and provide overall strength far longer than any other standard application
Exclusive technology provided to Sproutwell Greenhouses

Sproutwell Greenhouses are shipped Australia wide, however freight costs vary significantly depending on your location and the model you'd like to purchase. Freight costs of polycarbonate models will be calculated at checkout, but glasshouses over 4 meters are postcode dependent.

Please contact us if you'd like to enquire about shipping costs. Send us your name, postcode, and the product(s) you are interested in, and we'll send you an obligation free invoice. We also offer multibuy discounts for those wanting to add accessories to their greenhouse purchase.