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Translucent Square Grow Pots

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Space-Saving and Efficient with Translucent Square Grow Pots 

Are you looking for a way to maximise your plant space and simplify watering? Ready to optimise your plant space and ensure healthy root growth? The Translucent Square Grow Pots are the perfect solution. Available in five sizes, these clear, square pots take up less space than traditional round pots, allowing you to fit more plants in the same area.

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Translucent Square Grow Pots

Why Choose Translucent Square Grow Pots?

  • Maximise Space: The square design means they take up less space, allowing you to fit more plants in the same area.
  • Monitor Moisture Levels: The clear plastic allows you to see how wet or dry the soil is, taking the guesswork out of watering.
  • Enhanced Airflow: Large drain holes encourage airflow to the root system, reducing the chance of waterlog and root rot issues.
  • Efficient Drainage: The raised bottom allows excess water to easily drain away, keeping your plants healthy.
  • Ideal for Hydroponics: These pots are also perfect for passive hydroponic setups. Their height allows for root growth above the water level, and the higher drain holes increase airflow to the roots.

Translucent Square Grow Pots

Sizes and Pack Options

The Translucent Square Grow Pots come in the following sizes and pack options:

  • Tiny: 5 Pack or 10 Pack
  • Small: 5 Pack or 10 Pack
  • Medium: 5 Pack or 10 Pack
  • Large: 5 Pack or 10 Pack
  • Extra Large: 5 Pack or 10 Pack

Translucent Square Grow Pots

Perfect for Any Plant Enthusiast

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these pots make it easy to care for your plants. Their clear design allows you to keep an eye on the roots and spot issues like root shedding or rot before they become a problem. The square shape fits neatly in hydro trays, making them ideal for hydroponic systems.

. Upgrade your plant care routine today!


Customer Reviews

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M. Armstrong
Large Clear Pots

Great quality pots. Just the size I required.