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Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System

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Manage Your Kitchen Waste and Enrich Your Garden Soil with Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System

Are you ready to transform your food waste into valuable nutrients for your garden? The Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System is designed to aerobically decompose all types of cooked and uncooked food waste, returning the nutrient-rich components directly to the surrounding soil.

Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System

Why Choose the Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System?

  • Comprehensive Decomposition: Decomposes all types of food waste, including cooked and uncooked items such as meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables, and fruit.
  • Solar-Powered Efficiency: The solar-powered system promotes a constant circulation of oxygenated air, enhancing the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and accelerating the decomposition process.
  • Innovative Design: The unique below-ground filtration and digestion chamber breaks down waste into a nutrient-rich liquid that is directly absorbed into the surrounding soil.
  • Low Maintenance: Once set up in a sunny area of your garden, the Green Cone is essentially maintenance-free. No need to manually turn the waste, making it hassle-free.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Returns nutrient-rich components back to the soil, promoting healthy plant growth and reducing landfill waste.
  • Durable Construction: Four-part injection moulded construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Setup: Includes a lower base for submersion and an upper assembly of nested conical lids, making setup straightforward and efficient.


  • Base Diameter: 38cm
  • Depth Below Ground: 42cm
  • Height Above Ground: 70cm
  • Lid Diameter: 28cm
  • Total Height of Cone: 110cm
  • Volume of Basket: 80L
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Four-part injection moulded construction
  • Promotes beneficial microbial growth
  • Aerobically decomposes kitchen waste
  • Nutrient-rich liquid re-absorbed by soil
  • Self-sufficient with minimal maintenance
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System

Perfect for Any Eco-Conscious Home

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting with composting, the Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System has everything you need. Its innovative solar-powered design, robust construction, and efficient waste decomposition make it an essential tool for reducing household waste and enriching your garden soil.

Why Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System?

The Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System is designed with both sustainability and functionality in mind. Its advanced solar-powered decomposition system, efficient design features, and comprehensive functionality make it the ideal solution for eco-conscious individuals looking to improve their waste management. With its high-quality materials and efficient design, this food digestion system is built to last and support your environmental efforts for years to come.

Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System

Choose the Maze Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System. With its practical features, durable construction, and high environmental standards, this food digestion system is the perfect addition to any home committed to sustainability. Start enriching your soil and reducing waste today!


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