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Begonia burkillii

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Begonia burkillii, a native of India, is a captivating species that can be found thriving along steep cliff faces in dense jungle, or overhanging streams and rivers. Its natural habitat provides significant clues to its preferred growing conditions, making it an ideal choice for humid terrariums.

One of the key requirements for Begonia burkillii is high humidity. Its lush foliage and uniquely patterned elliptic-shaped leaves are coloured with chocolate brown blotches against light green. Each leaf is distinct, with varying sizes and shapes of blotches, adding to its charm. The growth habit of this rhizomatous begonia is compact and mounding, making it a great choice for creating a lush and dense terrariumscape.

To provide the best care for Begonia burkillii, replicating its native humid environment is essential. Placing it in a terrarium with high humidity levels can help recreate its natural habitat. Using well-draining soil and maintaining consistent moisture levels, without letting the soil dry out completely, can promote healthy growth.

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Pot Size

68 mm square pot

Growing Medium



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