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  • Variegated ficus lyrata, or fiddle leaf fig, has beautiful creamy white leaves, with two-toned green centers. These plants are hard to propagate, and hence rarely become available. They are also prone to browning on the white parts of their leaves. Stress, too much light, or not enough light are common causes for browning on their leaves.

    We like to sell these small because there is a good chance they will experience some browning when acclimating to their new growing conditions. If browning does occur, the base leaves can be removed as the plant grows new, larger leaves in your environment. Browning will also occur on the white parts of the leaves if the plant receives too much or not enough light. 

    The plant you see photographed here is the plant you will receive. It is a rooted cutting, and will be sent in its growing pot. It has been propagated and grown in passive hydro (MAB), and once received you can continue growing it in MAB, or pot it up in a well draining soil mix. 

    We recommend that if you are going to continue growing it in MAB, you should also continue to grow it using the passive hydroponics method. This involves simply sitting the growing pot in a tray filled with 2 - 3 cm of nutrient water (we use GT foliage focus diluted to a rate of 5 ml/ litre of water), making sure the MAB is kept moist at all times. MAB drys out very quickly, and hence watering it as you would a plant in soil, will allow the roots to get too dry. We are happy to provide any post-sale advice you may require. Simply send us an email or DM us over Facebook or Instagram. 

  • We only ship plants to non-quarantine states (sorry sorry WA, TAS and NT residents).

    Shipping of plants is capped at $15.00 per order. This includes the packing materials and labour. We use recycled packing where possible to reduce our waste and keep cost down, but we ensure that all packing material is sturdy enough to resist damage during transit. 

    If no one is home to receive your order, the parcel will be left in a safe place. We will not request signature on delivery, as parcels sent back to the post office may not get picked up for days, therefore increasing the amount of stress placed on the plant(s) inside.

    This plant can also be picked up from our warehouse at 113C miller st, Epping VIC