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Variegated Maranta

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The Maranta leuconeura captivates with its vibrant green leaves, each one adorned with speckles of white variegation that add a unique pattern to its foliage. To maintain its stunning appearance, Marantas thrive in warm, humid environments and prefer soil that is evenly moist without becoming waterlogged. It's crucial to avoid letting the soil dry out excessively, as this can lead to brown and crispy leaves, diminishing its lush appearance.

The plant shown in the images is a good indication of what you will receive. We ensure that all our plants possess a very similar speckled variegation, so you can expect a consistent beauty in every specimen.

About the Genus  

Maranta is a genus of plants that are collectively referred to as 'prayer plants' (calathea are also often given this name). At night, these plants fold their leaves upwards, resembling praying hands.

Prayer plants can also move their leaves regularly throughout the day. They'll position their leaves to receive an ideal amount of light. This plant has been growing under bright grow lights, and hence has its leaves angled downwards to ensure they do not receive too much light. If you place this plant in lower light, you'll find that it will angle its leaves towards the light. The ability to move their leaves throughout the day allows prayer plants to thrive under various lighting conditions. In very low light, a prayer plant can track the light as it moves across a room throughout the day.

Care information

Maranta love moisture and should ideally be kept in environments with  > 60 % humidity, however they will cope just fine in regular household humidity. Although it's not ideal, they can even tolerate the low humidity typical of a heated home throughout winter. 

The key to keeping a maranta happy is to never let their potting mix dry out, however sopping wet soil will cause root rot. Best way to keep these plants is in a well draining soil mix (eg. 50% perlite and 50% potting mix) and a self-watering pot. They also grow well in passive hydroponics, but their very fine roots make them difficult to convert from soil to hydro. If you want to grow them hydroponically, you are best to take a cutting, root it in water, and then grow the rooted cutting hydroponically. 

As mentioned earlier, maranta's ability to move their leaves make them tolerant of a wide variety of lighting conditions. Bright indirect light is ideal, but they can also thrive in lower light environments or with some direct morning sun. 

Maranta are not prone to pests. Their leaves will curl if they are not happy; for example if they are receiving too much light, not enough water, or are experiencing root rot. They are prone to browning on the tips of their leaves, which can be prevented with good airflow and regular application of a fungicide such as Myclobutanii. 

Maranta are non-toxic, which makes them pet and child friendly.
Pot Size

90 mm squat pot

Growing Medium



This plant will be sent in its plastic growing pot

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Customer Reviews

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Variegated maranta

Very happy, thank you. Posted quickly and well packaged. Healthy plant.

Variegated maranta

My variegated maranta arrived well packed and was a good size. It is a healthy plant and has some lovely colours on the leaf. It has new growth and looks just beautiful.


I had been searching for this particular plant for ages. I was delivered promptly with no fuss and the plant itself arrived in great condition.