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  • We have worked with the creators of tinker.garden to provide the tinker moss pole in a pearl white colour, which is exclusive to our store. You can purchase the 20 cm combo set, the moss pole extension, or the watering cup all in the stunning pearl white.   These can be picked-up from our warehouse, or included in the $15 capped plant shipping rate.  

    Climbing plants such as many Philodendrons, Monsteras, and Syngoiums, will attach their aerial roots to a tree trunk in their natural environment, providing them with support and encouraging optimum growth rates and larger leaf sizes. In the artificial indoor environments we often grow tropical plants, totems provide a good replacement for a tree trunk that these plants naturally like to climb. 

    Tinker totems are one of the most innovate and environmentally conscious totems currently on the market. Designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, these high quality totems will last many years. They can be stacked and used again and again without the need for replacement parts or fiddly cable ties, all while keeping your plants and their roots happy and intact. 

      Care and Cleaning
      Tinker totems are made for use in indoor house conditions only. If used outdoors, the intense sun light and UV radiation can bleach the colours and can make the material brittle. 
      If required the tinker.garden Stack'em Totems and accessories can be cleaned using cold or warm soapy water. Refrain from using hot water when cleaning. 

      Recycling and Disposal
      Tinker totems are manufactured using a material called Polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is made from cornstarch it is in fact biodegradable but requires higher than average temperatures of at least 60°C for the composting process to start. In specialised facilities PLA is shredded into small pieces after which it takes 1 to 3 months to degrade. If you no longer require your tinker totem, it can be recycled at a specialised composting or plastics recycling facility near you
      Note: The connector pins and transparent plastic sheets are not made from PLA and should be recycled as normal plastic. 

    • The pearl white tinker moss pole is included in the $15 capped plant shipping rate. It can also be picked up from the Northern Wellbeing Centre at 113C miller st, Epping VIC