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Monstera Borsigiana 'Aurea' Variegata

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Monstera 'Aurea' is a highly coveted plant among collectors, known for its striking large leaves adorned with beautiful yellow and green variegation.

This variety requires a higher level of care compared to the more common 'Albo' version, mainly because its leaves are very prone to browning.  Many enthusiasts accept that some browning will always occur, and deal with this by trimming the browning lower leaves as the plant pushes out new green and yellow leaves. We believe that whist extremely difficult, it is possible to prevent browning, and the perfect balance of light is key. Both too much and too little can lead to browning. A plant with more green variegation tends to be less prone to this issue.

The images depict the exact plant you will receive. 

Current Growing Conditions

This plant has been propagated and grown in a hydroponics medium. All of our hydroponics plants are potted up in leca, perlite, or MAB grow, and left sitting in 1 - 2 cm of nutrient solution at all times. Our nutrient solution is made up of Growth Technology Foliage Focus or Complete Focus diluted to 5 ml per litre of water.

This plant is currently growing in our climate controled grow room. Temperatures sit abouve 20 C at all times, and relative humidity does not drop below 60%.

Suggested Care on Arrival

This plant will arrive with its roots wrapped in sphagnum moss. If you would like to continue growing this plant as we have, in a hydroponic medium, then we suggest you pot it up shortly after receiving it.

In general, we find that plants transition from hydroponics mediums to soil without any issues. However, if you want to transition the plant into soil with extra caution, then you can keep it in the moss for a few days. This will allow your plant to acclimate to your environment before transitioning to a new medium. You may need to re-moisten the moss during this time to prevent it from completely drying out.

When ready, you can pot the plant up in a well-draining soil mix. 50% premium potting mix and 50% perlite works well, but adding extra amendments such as orchid bark for extra drainage can help in creating an optimum soil mix. These extra amendments should especially be used for anthuriums, which require extra drainage. If you require more specific information about soil mix, please contact us.

If you require a growing pot and/or potting medium (soil or perlite) let us know in the notes section at check-out and we’ll send it with your bare rooted plant.

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