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Bokashi Grains (5L Bag) x 2 - Efficient Indoor Composting

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Enhance Your Composting, Enhance Your Garden with Maze Bokashi Grains (5L Bag) x 2 - Efficient Indoor Composting

Transform your kitchen waste into valuable garden compost with Maze Bokashi Grains. Designed for use with indoor composting systems, these grains utilize Bokashi bacteria to accelerate the fermentation of organic matter, turning waste into compost without any foul odors.

Maze Bokashi Grains (5L Bag) x 2 - Efficient Indoor Composting

Benefits of Bokashi Grains

  • Efficient Composting: Speeds up the breakdown of organic waste in airtight conditions.
  • Odor and Pest Control: Prevents bad smells and deters fruit flies, ideal for indoor settings.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and detoxifies soil, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Long-Lasting: A 5L bag of Bokashi grains typically supports an average family's composting needs for up to three months.

Maze Bokashi Grains (5L Bag) - Efficient Indoor Composting

How It Works

Simply add a scoop of Bokashi grains to your indoor composter each time you deposit organic waste. The friendly bacteria in Bokashi ferment the matter, preventing odors and breaking it down into nutrient-rich compost ready for your garden.

Maze Bokashi Grains (5L Bag) - Efficient Indoor Composting

Ready to Reduce Waste and Rebuild Your Soil?

Are you looking to make a significant impact on your soil's health and reduce your kitchen waste efficiently? Try Maze Bokashi Grains today and turn your organic waste into garden gold!


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