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Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

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Simplify Your Plant Care Routine with Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple 

Are you searching for an elegant and practical planter to enhance your indoor or outdoor space? The Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple is the perfect choice. Its elongated shape and stylish design make it ideal for creating a beautiful herb garden on the window sill, a succulent garden on the living room shelf, or a vibrant display of flowering plants. This planter provides ample room for three nursery pots (not supplied), allowing you to easily add greenery to any area without repotting.

Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

Why Choose the Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple?

  • Stylish Design – With its modern and elongated shape, this planter adds a touch of elegance to any space. 
  • Self-Watering System – The wick irrigation system ensures your plants are consistently hydrated, reducing maintenance. 
  • Durable and Lightweight – Made from high-quality polypropylene, this planter is shatterproof, ultralight, and UV resistant. 
  • Interchangeable Planter Liner – Allows for easy planting and rearranging. 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – Perfect for both indoor and outdoor planting, providing flexibility in your garden design. 
  • Easy to Use – Simply insert the wick into the nursery pot, place it into the planter liner, water, and you’re done! 

Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

Key Features

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 14 x 40 x 13.5 cm
  • Water Reservoir: 1 litre
  • Planter Liner Dimensions: Ø 10-12 cm
  • Plant Height Max.: 25 cm
  • Includes: Planter, planter liner, 3 wick irrigation systems, water level indicator, and hanging brackets

Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

Benefits of the Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

This planter is designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The included wick irrigation system ensures your plants receive the right amount of water, reducing the need for frequent watering and promoting healthier plant growth. The water level indicator helps you maintain optimal moisture levels for your plants.

Additional Benefits

  • Shatterproof – Built to withstand impacts, ensuring long-lasting durability. Perfect for homes with children or pets.
  • Ultra Light – Easy to move and reposition as needed, making it convenient for seasonal changes and redecorating.
  • UV Resistant – Maintains its appearance even when exposed to harsh sunlight, ensuring your planter looks great year-round.
  • Perfect for Creative Arrangements – The elongated shape provides ample room for multiple plants, allowing for beautiful, unique displays. Ideal for showcasing your gardening creativity.
  • Includes Everything You Need – Each set comes with the planter, planter liner, wick irrigation systems, water level indicator, and hanging brackets, ensuring you have all the components for successful planting.
  • Low Maintenance – The self-watering system reduces the need for frequent watering, making it easier to maintain your plants, especially in busy households or offices.
  • Versatile Application – Suitable for a variety of plants, including flowers, herbs, and succulents, giving you the flexibility to create diverse and vibrant displays.
  • Eco-Friendly Material – Made from recyclable polypropylene, this planter supports sustainable gardening practices.

Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple

This Lechuza PURO CUBE Color Triple planter is perfect for creating attractive indoor and outdoor arrangements. Order now and enjoy the benefits of a versatile and elegant planter!


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