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Aluminet Shade System for Imperial Greenhouses

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The Sproutwell Shade Systems are made from Aluminet, which is a special knitted silver screen made from metalised fibre. Aluminet does an amazing job at reflecting heat, whilst also being extremely durable.

Keeping the greenhouse cool is accomplished by obtaining a balance of shading, ventilation and humidity. Providing the proper amount of each is the secret to a cool and functional greenhouse.

Aluminet acts like a mirror, as its unique aluminised nature reflects unwanted sunlight and harmful radiant heat from the greenhouse during summer, whilst preserving heat inside the greenhouse during winter. The unique reflective properties of Aluminet also results in a more diffuse light passing through it compared to traditional black shade cloth. This results in an even distribution of light throughout the greenhouse, which can maximise plant growth rates and crop yields. 

Colours: Available in Black or White
Ridge Brackets: Designed to fit over the cresting

-  Designed by Sproutwell® and specifically made to fit Imperial Greenhouses 
- It’s most effective way to stop the heat before it reaches your Greenhouse, unlike conventional shade net which is fitted to the inside of a greenhouse
- Clever system also allows the Auto Vent Openers to operate without any interference as they are free to expand or contract depending on the inside temperature
- Aluminium support structure matches the colour of your greenhouse
- Quick and simple to install providing immediate shading
- Versatile design allows shading component to be unclipped and rolled up in a matter of minutes
- Effective shading provided to the entire roof area and drapes down over the side walls (adjustable)
- Aluminet is also effective in providing an element of frost protection in the cooler months
- 55% Shading factor which is the optimum level of shading you need for plant protection whilst providing enough light transmission to stimulate growth (please beware of using anything more than 55% shade as 6mm-10mm Polycarbonate Panels naturally block out an additional 10-15% on top of the shade system)


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