Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, Growth Technology's Focus Range delivers a complete profile of all 12 essential minerals to plants. As the name suggests, the Focus range accommodates the specific nutritional requirements of specific plant types.

Foliage focus has been specifically formulated to encourage profuse and lush foliage growth. It is suitable for any non flowering plants including ferns, palms, aroids and herbs.

Suitable for use with all types of growing media.

The GT Focus range sets the benchmark for liquid nutrients. Here’s why:

  • Each GT Focus product is complete. Unlike the overwhelming majority of fertilizers, all Focus products contain each of the 12 essential minerals including Calcium blended into an easily absorbed liquid concentrate.

  • pH buffered to ensure all 12 essential minerals are available to the plant.

  • Formulated and balanced to suit the requirements of specific plant types.

  • Manufactured using only the highest grade raw materials and chelated trace

    elements to ensure effortless absorption by the plant.

  • Guaranteed not to contain potentially harmful and ineffective chlorides, urea, sodium and ammonium.

  • Easy to use with simple instructions.

  • Makes up to 200 litres of working solution