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Plants grown in GreenSmart self-watering pots out-preform and out-yield those grown in traditional backyard gardens. 

Requires less effort and less time than conventional gardening methods.

These self watering pots are perfect for balcony or patio fruit, herb, and veggie gardening. They italics a unique self-watering system that uses less water than in-ground cultivation. The plastic cover reduces the evaporation rate and returns the condensed water vapour back to the reservoir. The fully contained system can be placed anywhere with minimal fuss or mess. The result allows the plants to receive all nutrients as and when they need.

Every self-watering pot order comes with a FREE comprehensive 82 page eBook. See product images for eBook contents. 


External Size: L: 61.4cm x W: 44cm x H: 29cm
Capacity: 40 Litres
Colours: Green / Black / Cream

- Manufactured using food grade materials

- Water level indicator so you can easily see when its time to water

- Built-in water tank allows ensures that frequent watering is not required, thereby making it possible to leave the plants unattended for extended periods of time.

- GreenSmart pots give plants continuous access to water, which results in the plants growing continuously at peak performance. 

- Plants grown in GreenSmart pots cannot be overwatered due to the placement of the overflow holes, which is also designed to create an air cushion between the potting mix lying on a perforated inner plate and the water reservoir.

- The design not only prevents over-watering, but also allows aeration and supports drainage.

- The design prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering the reservoir and yet creates the necessary aeration for plant roots.