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  • One of the first things you will notice about your greenhouse is that its designed to trap heat. This is a good thing in winter, but in the summer months your greenhouse can quickly become overheated, and your plants can suffer if you forget to open and closed your roof vents.

    These dual spring-loaded automatic vent openers means there is no need for an elaborate electrical system. As the ambient temperature increases, the mineral wax within the cylinder will expand, slowing pushing the stainless steel piston outwards, opening the roof vent.

    WARRANTY: 12 months
    TYPE: Fits all standard greenhouse roof vents with an arm (not compatible with the small nursery greenhouse). The manual arm needs to be removed to install the automatic vent opener. 

  • - Fully automatic heat activated greenhouse ventilation
    - The wax works on contraction as well as expansion, therefore as the wax cools it contracts and pulls the roof vent shut.
    Once temperatures reach 18-20 degrees the automatic vent opener will commence opening gradually until it reaches 26 degrees, where the roof vent will stay  completely open.
    - No electricity or manual operation required.
    - Suitable for all brands/standard Greenhouse
    - Simple installation using the brackets/screws provided