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‘The Coastal’

With its smooth clean likes and low, curved design, ‘The Coastal’ is reminiscent of all those effortless summers spent down the beach with family and friends.It's been produced in 3 colours that are representative of Victoria’s coastline. The basalt maroon of the cliff faces that cascade down into the aqua blue water below, and the sandy beige of the sand that lines the stretches of coast between the basalt cliffs.

 Diameter: 12.5 cm.              Height: 11.8 cm.                 Drain hole: no


Nara is a range of bespoke botanical homewares, designed with the intention of adding both functionality and beauty to homes and plant collections across the country. They've designed a harmonious range of high quality planters that can be mixed and matched, allowing our customer to eloquently display multiple plants collectively. Their minimalist aesthetic enhances the beauty of the plant it holds, letting the plant truly shine without competing for attention. 

Nara pots are produced from high-fired (1280°C) porcelain to create a beautiful matte 
finish. Strength, porosity, color, and thermal expansion are monitored during the production to ensure high quality standards are met. These porcelain pots have a warm and earthy feel, smooth lines, and a natural finish. The porcelain itself is pigmented, creating an even distribution of colour throughout the pot.