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- Root Roids can be used to compliment any nutrient program to increase yields and flavor and helps to naturally unlock & retain nutrients for longer.

- Hydroponic growers can enjoy a 15-25% reduction in fertilizer costs with higher quality flowers, stronger plants, faster growth rates & masses of healthy roots.

- Root Roids can shortenthe vegetative growth period by 7-10 days due to the massive increases in plant growth with noticable results within 48hrs.

- It is also perfect for Coco & Soil growers.

How To Use Root Roids
Seedlings & Cutting - Use 1/4 teaspoon per litre as root drench once roots appear. Vegetative Growth 1/2 teaspoon per litre, once per week.
Flowering Growth 1/2 teaspoon per litre, once per week. Transplanting 1 teaspoon per litre Foliar Spray 1/2 teaspoon per litre
When growing in Coco stop using Root Roids 1 week before the flush period.
When mixing with nutrient solutions, add Root Roids last after the pH of the tank has been adjusted.
The pH of the nutrient solution will raise slightly but will buffer over time and does not need to be corrected.
Root Roids Ingredients: Rhizophagus irregularis, Bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma harzianum, Beauveria bassiana, other proprietary microbes and 100% organic based microbe food.