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Philodendron Florida Ghost (non-TC) - HYDRO

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Philodendron Florida Ghost has typical Florida shaped leaves, but they start off white and slowly change to green as they age. The more light the plant gets, the lighter the leaves will start off, and the longer it'll take for them to turn green. If you place this plant in low light, it leaves will no longer come out white, however the white will return when the plant is given bright indirect light (this result isn't instant as the plant will need a few weeks to respond to its new lighting conditions).

Please note that tissue cultured (TC) Florida ghosts seem to never show white leaves regardless of the lighting condition. The plants we have for sale here were propagated from our mother plant and have not been tissue cultured. The plant pictured is the one you will receive. 


Pot size

Currently growing in a 100 mm pot.

Customer Reviews

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Very healthy

Great plant, healthy new growth, good root system.

Philodendron Florida Ghost (non-TC)

Great healthy specimen. Packaged very well, super fast delivery.

Beautiful Florida Ghost

Amazing price, plant exactly as photographed and even with Aus Post delays, this baby arrived healthy, packaged securely and my little mate is about to pop out another leaf! Thank you!

More info


This plant will be sent bare rooted, wrapped in sphagnum moss.

We only ship plants on Mondays. Please order before 2pm on Suday to esure your plant will be sent the following Monday. Orders placed after this time may not be shipped untill the followin week.

We only ship plants to non-quarantine states (sorry sorry WA, TAS and NT residents). Shipping of plants is capped at $15.00 per order. This includes the packing materials and labour times. We use recycled packing where possible to reduce our waste and keep cost down, but we ensure that all packing material is sturdy enough to resist damage during transit.

If no one is home to receive your order, the parcel will be left in a safe place. We will not request signature on delivery, as parcels sent back to the post office may not get picked up for days, therefore increasing the amount of stress placed on the plant(s) inside.

This plant can also be picked up from the Northern Wellbeing Centre; 113C miller st, Epping VIC. If you select this option at check-out, we will email you to organise a pick-up time.

Current growing conditions

This plant has been propagated and grown in a hydroponics medium. All of our hydroponics plants are potted up in leca, perlite, or MAB grow, and left sitting in 1 - 2 cm of nutrient solution at all times. Our nutrient solution is made up of Growth Technology Foliage Focus or Complete Focus diluted to 5 ml per litre of water.

This plant is currently growing in our climate controled grow room. Temperatures sit abouve 20 C at all times, and relative humidity does not drop below 60%.

Suggested care on arrival

This plant will arrive with its roots wrapped in sphagnum moss. If you would ike to continue growing this plant as we have, in a hydroponic medium, then we suggest you pot it up shortly after receiving it.

In general, we find that plants transition from hydroponics mediums to soil without any issue. However, if you want to transition the plant into soil with extra caution, then you can keep it in the moss for a few days. This will allow your plant to acclimate to your environment before transitioning to a new medium. You may need to re-moisten the moss during this time to prevent
it from completely drying out. When ready, you can pot the plant up in a well-draining soil mix. 50% premium
potting mix and 50% perlite works well, but adding .extra amendments such as orchid bark for extra drainage can help in creating an optimum soil mix. These extra amendments should especailly be used for anthuriums, which require extra drainage. If you require more specific information about soil mix, please contact us.

If you require a growing pot and/or potting medium (soil or perlite) let us know in the notes section at check-out and we’ll send it with your bare rooted plant.

Reasons to shop with us

Unbeatable Quality

We propagate and grow most of plant stock on site with the upmost care, and the rest we source directly from top-rated growers.

Environmentally Concious

We use environmenally friendly packing materials and reduce or environmental impact where possible.

Packed with Care

We pack your order with the upmost care so it can endure rough handling and all the stressors of transit

All the Help You Need

Happy to answer all of your questions with our expert plant doctor and gardening knowledge.



I love green my space, it's a fabulous website and they always make sure the plants are packaged well. I've received some of my best plants from here. I am a forever customer! Cheers! <3

Neisha V.

I have had a great experience with Green My Space. The plants I received exceeded my expectations. They were more than happy to provide advice for a specific plant to ensure a smoother transition.

Jordan K.

As a first time customer I was very pleased with my plants, their health, the way they were packaged and the speed of delivery. A great experience all round.

Wolfie R.

My absolute favourite plant nursery! An amazing small business with amazing quality plants and such care is always given for delivery as well!

Marley E.

I love Green My Space. The plants are always amazing quality, packaged so well and arrive super fast. Their prices are great and the customer service is too! Thanks so much!

Shantani D.

Amazing customer service, always let me know when my plants will be delivered and every plant i have ordered have been in amazing condition. Will definitely keep ordering from Greenmyspace!

Storm M.

Bought a lot from this shop! Amazing service! And plants!

Carol C.

Plant arrived in perfect condition. Seller answered emails promptly.

Mary A.

Ordered more cuttings due to the exceptional quality of previous cuttings recieved which I had 100% strike rate

Alana H.

The plant arrived in perfect condition and looking exactly like the images! Absolutely thrilled with it.

Shannon H.

I've been looking for these for some time. It was great to find them in your store; easy to use and order. The plants arrived super quickly and in great condition. We're loving them. Thanks.

Martin D.

Very healthy plant and reliable, good packaging. I'm a regular customer and I'm happy with every order so far :))

L. Nguyen