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  • Calathea Zebrina has stripped deep green and lime green velvet leaves. This plant prefers moist soil, and will curl its leaves dramatically if left to dry out too much (but will quickly recover when watered again as long as you dont leave it dry for too long). Calatheas like high humidity and indirect light only. 

    The plant you see pictured here is a representation of the plant you will receive. A pen is included in the third photo to give you an indication of scale and plant size

  • This plant will be sent in its 95 mm growing pot. We only ship plants to non-quarantine states (sorry sorry WA, TAS and NT residents).

    Shipping is capped at $15.00 per order. This includes the packing materials and labour times. We use recycled packing where possible to reduce our waste and keep cost down, but we ensure that all packing material is sturdy enough to resist damage during transit.

    If no one is home to receive your order, the parcel will be left in a safe place. We will not request signature on delivery, as parcels sent back to the post office may not get picked up for days, therefore increasing the amount of stress placed on the plant(s) inside.

    This plant can also be picked up from The Northern Wellbeing Centre,  at 113C miller st, Epping VIC, by appointment only