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  • Photos show the plant that these seeds were harvested from (seed parent). We grew this plant from seeds that were labeled by the supplier as 'heart shaped hybrid', but we find that the plant has a more unique shaped leaves with wide open sinus and ruffled edges. The wild crystallinum pollen parent can be seen in the video. 

    Seeds can be purchased its lots of 5 or 10. 

    Seeds will arrive germinating inside moist paper towel. Once received, you will need to remove them from the paper towel and plant them into a medium of your choice. You may need to wet the paper towel to aid in carefully prying the roots from the paper towel without damaging them.

    Most people plant Anthurium seeds in sphagnum moss, and then move them into a well-draining Anthurium soil mix when they are a good size (have ~3-4 leaves). This works well but we personally prefer to use vermiculite to grow our Anthurium seeds, and then perlite thereafter. 

    It’s important that the seeds are given very high humidity and warm temperatures for them to grow well. Growing them in clear plastic take-away food containers works well, as leaving the lid on will lock in the humidity. They can also be grown inside mini plastic greenhouses, storage containers, or even glass jars. If ambient temperatures fall below 20 C, it's best to place the container with germinating seeds on a heat mat.

    Once the seeds produce their first leaf, you can add ventilation to their growing container by opening the lid a tiny bit or punching a few small holes into it (you still want to keep their environment fairly humid). Adding ventilation to the container will cause the growing medium to eventually dry out, giving you the opportunity to give your seedlings a very weak feed. We use GT complete focus diluted to approximately 2 ml per litre for our Anthurium seedlings. Once the plants have at least 3 – 4 leaves, you can move them into your regular growing environment with at least 60% humidity.

  • We only ship plants & seeds to non-quarantine states (sorry sorry WA, TAS and NT residents).

    Shipping of plants is capped at $15.00 per order. This includes the packing materials and labour. We use recycled packing where possible to reduce our waste and keep cost down, but we ensure that all packing material is sturdy enough to resist damage during transit. 

    If no one is home to receive your order, the parcel will be left in a safe place. We will not request signature on delivery, as parcels sent back to the post office may not get picked up for days, therefore increasing the amount of stress placed on the plant(s) inside.

    This plant can also be picked up from our warehouse at 113C miller st, Epping VIC